Bromo Local Guide is one of program from Bromo Asia Travel to answer all questions and give some information about time, condition, and process to have excellent trip in Mt Bromo and surrounded. Some visitors usually ask about what month is the best view to visit Mt Bromo. And some of them ask about what month is rain season. And what date is to see Milky Way in Bromo.

Bromo Local Guide will answer your all questions as good as possible. If you want get the best view along the year, we suggest you to visit Bromo in May and June because in these two months are already rain season. So, all the views in Bromo are very green. And almost every day you can see beautiful sunrise without cloud covering the views around Bromo.

Bromo Local Guide will answer your questions about what date is good to see Milky Way in Bromo. According to our experiences, Bromo Milky Way is very beautiful appears in June, July and August. But those months are very crowded by visitors and too many lighting in the night. So, you must order and ask best tour guide who knows specific time and secret place which only few people stand there.

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Bromo Tour Package Options:

  • Bromo Milky Way Tour Package
  • Bromo Madakaripura Waterfall Tour
  • Bromo Prewedding Tour Package
  • Bromo Ijen Blue Fire Tour Package



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